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Property Information:
The LOGIC System Zoom in and click on a parcel of land or enter an address in the "Find Address" panel. You will be presented with a button called "Create Report." The report generated contains a wide variety of information tied to the parcel of land. Information that can be found includes: City Council ward, zoning, subdivision history, annexation and development agreements, school attendance, trash pickup days and more. Other panels on this page include information about parks, golf courses, public facilities, schools and the floodplain.

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Loveland's City Council Wards:
Loveland City Council Wards This interactive map helps you find information about Loveland's City Council wards.

Find City Council Ward Information
Current Development Activities:
Current Development Activities This interactive map shows the locations of current development activities in Loveland. You can type in an address or a project name to find a specific activity of interest.

Use the Current Development Activities Map
Cemetery Map:
Cemetery Map This interactive map lets you search the Loveland Burial Park for a variety of information, including those interred.

Use the Cemetery Map
City Facilities:
Interactive City Facilities Map This interactive map shows the locations of and general information about City-owned facilities.

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Floodplain Information:
Interactive Floodplain Map This interactive map helps you determine if a property is located within or near the floodplain. Use the "Find Address" link to locate a specific property.

Use the Floodplain Map
Loveland's Downtown Parking:
Loveland Downtown Parking This interactive map helps you find information about parking in Loveland's downtown.

Find Downtown Parking Information
Aerial Imagery Collection:
Art Tour - BSG This interactive map is a collection of aerial imagery in the Loveland area with dates ranging from 1996 to 2019.

Use the Aerial Imagery Collection
Loveland's Zoning Districts:
Loveland Zoning Districts This interactive map helps you find information about Loveland's zoning districts.

Find Zoning District Information
Loveland Subdivision and Annexation Information:
Loveland Subdivision and Annexation Information This interactive map helps you find Subdivisions and Annexations for Loveland.

Find Subdivision and Annexation Information
Survey Control Points:
Survey Control Points This interactive map lets you find known survey control points in and around Loveland.

Find Survey Control Points
Art Tour - Benson Sculpture Garden:
Art Tour - BSG This interactive map is an interactive tour of the art in the Benson Sculpture Garden.

Use the Art Tour
Liquor Licensed Establishments:
Cemetery Map This interactive map lets you search for establishments with liquor licenses.

Use the Liquor License Map
City Golf Courses:
City Golf Courses This interactive map lets you explore the City's golf courses.

Explore the City's Golf Courses
City Parks:
City Golf Courses This interactive map helps you find the City's parks.

Find City Parks
City Recreation Trail:
City Golf Courses Explore the City's recreation trail.

Explore the Recreation Trail
Where is Loveland?:
Where is Loveland This app shows the Loveland City Limits in proximity to the western United States.

Find out where Loveland is...
Historical Growth of Loveland:
Historical Growth of Loveland This interactive series of maps let's step through the growth of Loveland over the past 140 years.

Step through the history of Loveland's growth
Make a Vicinity Map:
Make a Vicinity Map This interactive map lets you make your own vicintiy map for Loveland or elsewhere.

Make a vicinity map

Printable Maps:
City Limits Map:
View the City Limits Map This map shows the city limits for Loveland.

View the City Limits Map

Zoning District Map:
View the Zoning District Map This map is a representation of the ordinances making up the zoning districts for Loveland.

View the Zoning District Map
Interpretive Zoning District Map:
View the Zoning District Map On this map, the underlying zones of planned unit developments (PUDs) have been intepreted and color coded. The legend on this map identifies the general land uses within a PUD.

View the Interpretive Zoning District Map
2013 Flood Inundation Map:
View the Big Thompson Floodplain Map This is a map showing the high water line created by the September 2013 Big Thompson River flood.

View the 2013 Big Thompson River Flood Inundation Area Map.

Oil and Gas Setback Map:
View the Subdivision Map This map represents general application of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation (COGC) newly adopted regulations under Section 603, effective August 1, 2013. In addition, this map shows general application of the proposed City of Loveland Enhanced Standards for setbacks. These setbacks apply to new wellheads or facilities.

View the Oil and Gas Proposed Setback Map

Downtown Boundaries Map:
View the Subdivision Map This map shows different boundaries in Loveland's downtown area. This map also has a detail map for the Loveland General Improvement District #1.

View the Downtown Boundaries Map

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